Caribbean Report 05-06-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. After three days of negotiation in Brussels the Lome convention ended in disappointment, as EEC countries still have no common position on many of the main issues of trade, aid and investments for the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific. However, progress has been made over the disposal of toxic wastes and dangerous industrial garbage from Europe. Interview with Clifford Smith (00:38-03:59)
3. The Sugar and Bauxite strike in Guyana maybe over but the infighting among the trade unions continues. Interview with N.K. Gopaul, Sharif Khan reports (03:50-07:47)
4. Financial News (07:48-09:28)
5. In Britain, PM Eugenia Charles discusses the proposed Dominican airport with the designers and Britain’s Minister for Overseas Development, Christopher Batten. Interview with PM Eugenia Charles, Jerry Timmins reports (09:29-11:46)
6. The British opposition Labour Party still has a serious problem with some of its Black supporters. Black activists have rejected the white Labour candidate imposed on them by the Labour Leader, Neil Kinnock in favour of an independent (11:47-15:07)