Caribbean Report 21-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. The President of the Dominican Republic, Joaquin Balaguer, rejects a note sent by the Haitian Foreign Ministry which protested the deportation of 29 children working on Dominican sugar plantations. Jean Michel Caroit reports from Santo Domingo (00:33-02:20)
3. France announced that it plans to more than double its financial assistance to Haiti this year by granting approximately $41 million. The aid will assist with the development of highways, telephone communication, AIDS health services, adult education, military training and agriculture (02:31-03:08)
4. After the recent OECS Summit in Grenada, the Prime Minister of Dominica Eugenia Charles states that the meeting addressed the Common External Tariff which is of great importance to the region’s future; the freedom of movement within the OECS countries; and the political unity of the OECS (03:09-07:12)
5. A newly formed trade union in Trinidad, the National Trade Union Center, strongly opposes the government’s plan to partly repay public servants in the form of units from a new company set up with the assets of diverted state companies. Debbie Ransome’s report features comments from Basdeo Panday, opposition leader and Errol McLeod, NATUC President (07:13-09:36)
6. Guyana’s Police Commissioner, Laurie Lewis is currently on an official visit to Britain and Mike Jarvis interviews him on the challenges of his job; the problem of illegal drugs in Guyana; the deportation of Guyanese criminals from the United States; and the elements of corruption in the Guyanese police force (09:37-13:15)
7. Jonathan Agnew reports on the second test match between the West Indies and England (13:16-14:28)