Caribbean Report 13-11-1996

Table of Contents
1.Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Montserrat's new Chief Minister is heading a new coalition government. For a poll vote on the new coalition Montserratians are interviewed. Governor Frank Savage and some Montserratians are interviewed (00:26-06:21)
3. The Nevis debate on secession is adjourned after a no show by the Opposition (06:22-06:59)
4. Barbadian Foreign Minister Billie Miller wants Caricom States in the future to work more closely to suport one single candidate for positions in international institutions. Foreign Minister Billie Miller is interviewed (07:00-10:34)
5. Air Jamaica has suffered significant loses because the US Federal Aviation Authorities refusal to grant safety clearance to the companies claims according to its Chairman Gordon 'Butch' Stewart. Chairman Gordon 'Butch' Stewart is interviewed (10:35-11:41)
6. The Caribbean counts its food bill as delegates mmet at a Summit in Rome. President Cheddi Jagan wants to realise his country's potential to feed the Caribbean. Executive Director of the Caribbean Agriculture Research Institute (CARDI) Hayden Blades and Co-ordinator of a UK Food Group made up of Charities and Environmental Organisations Martin Roberts are interviewed. Warren Gordon reports (11:42-14:24)
7. One of the biggest rental car companies in the US Avis and the owner of six of its franchisers are being sued by its several black customers. American Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson has called for a boycott of the Texaco Oil Company (14:25-15:26)