Caribbean Report 24-04-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Former United States President Jimmy Carter apologises to the Guyanese Opposition. Former President Jimmy Carter is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (00:27-02:48)
3. A small victory for Caribbean bananas in Geneva. Ken Richards reports (02:49-04:09)
4. Montserratians could take up an offer to live and work in the United Kingdom. Is the volcano likely to keep rumbling at a dangerous rate for years to come? Governor Savage is interviewed. Carol Orr reports (04:10-07:22)
5. The Commonwealth is recommending stronger measures against Nigeria to encourage a swifter transition to democracy. They include an embargo on arms exports and visa restrictions on the military government. Canada's Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy and Jamaica Foreign Minister Seymour are interviewed (07:23-09:20)
6. Afro-Caribbean people living in the United States could form part of an alliance of African, American, Hispanic and Arabs if Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan has his way. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, LA-based Political Analyst is interviewed (09:21-13:05)
7. Air Jamaica which shelved its suitcase service twelve years ago because it was not viable is about to relaunch that service. Vice-Chairman of the Airline's Publicity Affairs Oliver Foot is interviewed (13:06-13:47)
8. Saudi Arabia has warned Britain that it could pay an economic price for allowing Saudi dissident Mohammad Al-Massari to remain in the United Kingdom 13:48-15:28)