Caribbean Report 23-08-1990

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. New doubts arise over the election of a president in Suriname after almost three months since the votes were cast. After two aborted attempts by the National Assembly, the responsibility was handed over to the Assembly of Local Counselors which carded September 3rd as the new date to vote for the president. Reevel Alderson reports (00:41-02:32)
3. The Bank of Jamaica takes over the liquidation of the doomed Bank of Credit and Commerce International and the Jamaican government appoints a provincial liquidator to oversee the closure of the local branch (02:33-03:20)
4. The Caribbean could stand to lose if the G7 nations go through with a proposal to give a massive amount of aid to the Soviet Union. The G7 Group refrained from committing aid to the USSR in July calling first for reform and now since the attempted coup in the Soviet Union, a planned meeting is carded to reconsider aid to the Soviet Union. Comments from economist and journalist Canute James and Stephen Smith, member of the Washington-based Economic Institute (03:21-10:13)
5. The preparation of an accurate voters list for the upcoming elections in Guyana has demonstrated that over 50,000 names are excluded from the register. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (10:14-12:10)
6. The region’s tourism ministers and senior tourist officials are in the process of implementing a three-year plan to market and promote the Caribbean as a premier tourist destination. The plan will be unveiled at the annual conference of the Caribbean Tourism Organization in Caracas next month. Sandra Baptiste reports from Barbados with an interview with Jean Holder, Secretary General of the CTO (12:11-14:56)