Caribbean Report 31-08-1995


In this report a German-based importing company, T. Port has filed a complaint against Europe's banana regime. The owner Mr. Hagel Port states why his action can prove a threat to Caribbean bananas and feels confident that he would win the case. However, Ambassador Edwin Laurent does not believe one single threat would make or break the regime but concedes that the threat is serious. In Haiti, the second round of legislative elections get on the way but many are looking further ahead at the Presidential elections due in December. In Trinidad and Tobago, ethnic and religious differences have sparked off controversy. Hindu Pundit Krishna Maharaj has refused the nation's highest award, the Trinity Cross because it reflects a Christian bias. A British stamp collector who bought an album for £1 at a car boot sale found two rare stamps. These stamps from Trinidad, dated back to 1847 were sold for £95,000. In cricket, England's captain Mike Atherton spoke about the just concluded drawn series with the West Indies and credited his side's teamwork. Cuba's government has given the go ahead to an Italian motor club to host an international three day car rally in December.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Ken Richards (00:00-00:29)
2. Another attack on Europe's banana regime with implications for the Caribbean (00:30-05:20)
3. The second round of Haiti's legislative elections get on the way (05:21-06:54)
4. Trinidad and Tobago national awards embroiled in religious controversy (06:55-09:09)
5. A British stamp collector finds a rare stamp dating back to 1847 (09:10-11:27)
6. England's cricket captain Mike Atherton points to teamwork as the key to his side's performance in the two all drawn series (11:28-12:45)
7. Cuba to host an international three day car rally in December (12:46-14:44)
8. Recap of top stories (14:45-15:10)