Caribbean Report 28-02-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. The Bahamian Prime Minister, Herbert Ingram leaves for the Commonwealth Summit having suffered a defeat in the referendum for constitutional change. Perry Christie, Leader of the Opposition comments (00:25-04:13)
3. Barbados Foreign Minister, Billie Miller, makes it clear that Barbados opposes the decision by Britain, its European partners and the US to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe as a result of reports on human rights abuses to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) (04:14-06:11)
4. Up to twenty-one Cubans remain hold up in the Mexican embassy in Havana after ploughing through the gates with a stolen bus. The Cuban government blames the United States sponsored radio station, Radio Marti, for the incident involving asylum seekers who are responding to rumour that the Mexican authorities are going to allow Cubans into their country (06:12-08:08)
5. A statement from the Foreign Ministry in Georgetown says that Guyanese deported from the United States for their involvement in criminal activity will now receive certain benefits from the United States government. Colin Smith reports and the Head of the Guyana Human Rights Association Mr. Mick McCormack comments (08:09-10:07)
6. An appeals court in the United States overturns a conviction of three, New York police officers for the torture of a Haitian immigrant. The attack on Abner Louima at a police station sparked demonstrations and accusations of wide-spread racism in the New York police. Gina Paul Parks, Acting Director of the National Coalition for Haitians (NCHR) in New York gives her reaction (10:08-13:22)
7. New figures from the United Nations Population Division indicate that people are living longer and that over sixties can out-number children as a proportion of the world’s population within the next fifty years, placing a growing financial burden on a smaller working population (13:23-15:23)