Caribbean Report 05-08-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony says his country will not be leaving the World Trade Organization despite the decline of the country's banana industry. Dr. Richard Bernal, Director-General of the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery (RNM) is concerned that the Caribbean’s special needs are not being adequately addressed (00:30-04:47)
3. The United States wants to boost investment ties with the Dominican Republic. The Bush administration says it will launch negotiations for free trade agreements to phase out tariffs and boost investment ties with Bahrain and Santa Domingo. Ken Richards reports (04:48-06:04)
4. Concerns are being raised in Jamaica about the inability of police to establish motives for murders. As yet, there are no reasons for fifteen percent of the recent murders. Conrad Hamilton reports from Kingston (06:05-07:56)
5. Parliamentarians in Belize receive their first pay raise in over twenty years. The House of Representatives approves increases of up to three hundred percent. Karla Heusner comments on reactions of people to the news (07:57-10:44)
6. Cable and Wireless announces its appointment of a Director as it addresses a growing competitive threat to its Caribbean operations. Barbara Poggiali will take up the job as Mobile Group Director focusing on the Caribbean, Macau and Panama (10:45-11:27)
7. Following the arrest and imprisonment of seventy-five dissidents in Cuba, the opposition movement is struggling to re-group as it deals with infiltration by state security agents. Nestor Baguer speaks and James Cason, Chief, US Interests Section is interviewed in this Stephen Gibbs report (11:28-13:48)
8. Fire destroys all the records of the Suriname General Population and Housing Census, the first to be conducted in Suriname for more than twenty years. Bertram Niles has this and other stories (13:48-15:32)