Caribbean Report 19-07-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:27)
2. The US Attorney General Janet Reno has agreed to meet with the Minister of National Security and Justice and other top enforcement officers as the US government seeks overseas help to curb the rise in murders. Head of Police Information Center A. J. Forbes and Police Commissioner Francis Forbes speak on the upsurge of criminal activities in Jamaica and extended support from from the US Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Customs and Drug enforcement agencies. Carol Orr reports (00:28 - 03:22)
3. Chief Minister in Anguilla Hubert Hughes is insisting that his administration is still legally in power despite having less than 50% of members as mandated in the elected assembly. Former Finance Minister Victor Banks resigned last May reducing Hughes government to three out of seven elected members. The Opposition party continues to pressure Hughes to resign and British Minister for Overseas territories Elizabeth Conway Symons is urging for a speedy resolution. Hughes speaks out in favour of his minority government, Anguilla’s constitution and the current political impasse (03:23 -07:10)
4. Governments in the Caribbean region are advocating for the Caribbean Sea to be designated a nuclear free zone following the shipments of nuclear waste from Britain, France and Japan. Ken Richards reports on standoff between environmental group Green Peace and British Nuclear Fields Limited. Greenpeace International campaigner Michael Townley discusses the group’s legal moves to block shipments of toxic nuclear material via Caribbean Sea. Caribbean Conservation Association acting executive director Susan Mahon discusses Caribbean activism to support government calls against shipments (07:11 – 09:55)
5. Belizean Ambassador to the UN Michael Ashcroft continues to defend his business affairs and dominance in Belizean business sector and donations to Britain opposition conservative party despite continuous criticism from the press in Great Britain. BBC correspondent Andrew Hosken interviews Governor of Belize Central Bank Keith Arnold on banking practices and Ashcroft’s undue influences on current banking legislation (09:56 – 13:01)
6. About 6,000 nutmeg farmers stand to lose millions of dollars and receive smaller bonuses on this year’s crop following what has been described as a mistake by the Board and Management of the Nutmeg Association. Lew Smith reports on the operations of the Association (13:02 -14:22)
7. Four members of Cuban National Basketball team have defected to the US during a qualifying event in Puerto Rico (14:23 – 15:21)