Caribbean Report 25-02-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Yvette Rowe(00:00-00:27)
2. Congressman Charles Rangel says the time is right to challenge President Clinton’s embargo against Cuba and he wants to introduce a bill aimed at dismantling the embargo in Congress the upcoming month (00:28-02:37)
3. Lionel Martin reports from Havanna Cuba that there are 140,000 officially registered self-employed entrepreneurs but experts say that there are three times that amount ,the government have seen these entrepreneurs as operating counter to social ideals but the attitudes to these private restaurants or paladares (02:38-05:51)
4. In St. Vincent and the Grenadines the newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Parnel Campbell is being groomed for higher office. It is the first time a Deputy Prime Minister has been named since the New Democratic Party came in power 10 years ago. Campbell discusses the significance of his appointment (05:52-08:25)
5. Doctors go on strike in Suriname to highlight the poor working conditions at the country’s largest hospital which serves 50,000 person annually from the lower class (08:26-10:22)
6. On the 9th day of her Caribbean tour the Queen is expected to spend the weekend in the Cayman Islands where she will be joined by foreign office ministers responsible for the Commonwealth affairs. Lennox Boyd who speaks about the message she will be taking the Cayman Islands. According to Boyd the Queen’s visit is meant to consolidate and foster Britain’s relations with the Cayman Islands (10:23-11:50)
7. Lennox Boyd talks about the European Union’s proposal for a common visa list including Commonwealth countries is to be heard before the European Council late this year (11:51-12:45)
8. Claude Moraes, Director of Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said that Britain must act now in opposing the list of 126 countries which will require vista to enter the United Kingdom, the only country missing is Jamaica. He pointed
9. Representatives from the anti-racists organizations across Europe are to meet in London to launch a European Charter against racism. Mark Wadsworth Chairman of Britain’s Anti-racist Alliance says there must be a united approach. He elaborates on the issue (13:34-14:32)
10. Wrap up and theme music (14:33-14:46)