Caribbean Report 24-10-1995


In this report CARICOM leaders continue to have their say at the 50th Anniversary of the UN. Guyana's President Cheddi Jagan strongly criticized the unjust world economic order. CARICOM Chairman Prime Minister Edison James also comments on the world order and the future role of the UN but made a brief reference to the banana issue and world trade. Trinidad's Opposition Leader, Basdeo Panday comments on the adjournment of the decision on whether he will face sexual offenses charges in the High Courts. Tony Fraser reports on why the Magistrate postponed his decision until after the general elections. Crime and violence has become the major issue on the campaign trail in Trinidad and Tobago. In Jamaica, politicians are calling for an end to the political motivated violence in garrison constituencies. In Guyana, public hearings into Guyana's Omai Gold Mine cyanide spill begins, but Commission Chairman Justice Kenneth George expresses disappointment with the lack of interest. In Haiti, Emile Jonassaint, the military-backed President who surrendered to a US-led intervention force, has died of unspecified natural causes.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Ken Richards (00:00-00:30)
2. Strong criticism of the world economic order by CARICOM leaders at the 50th Anniversary of the UN (00:31-04:25)
3. Trinidad's Opposition Leader to wait under after the general elections to know if he faces the High Courts (04:26-06:03)
4. Crime focuses on the top of the campaign agenda in Trinidad (06:04-08:49)
5. Jamaican politicians argue about how to dismantle politically motivated violence (08:50-12:04)
6. Early disappointment at the commission of inquiry into the Omai's cyanide spill (12:05-14:32)
7. In Haiti, Emile Jonassaint, the former military-backed President has died from unspecified natural causes (14:33-14:50)
8. Recap of top stories (14:51-15:10)