Caribbean Report 09-02-1994


In this report Lord Pitt is invited to air his views on Britain's relations with is former colonies; further developments in the banana industry; growing pressure to improve links with Cuba; criticism about the UN embargo against Cuba from the Dominican Republic; DEA agent says that drug control legislation in the Caribbean needs to be harmonized; and the American government focuses on drug treatment.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Lord Pitt, Grenadian born peer in the British parliament, was invited to air his views on the future states of UK/Caribbean territories. Pitt stated that the government needs to re-examine its dependent relationship with its territories in the Caribbean and help encourage the region to unite. Viscount Cranbourn and Lord Beaumont responded (00:28-04:01)
3. A delegation from Latin American countries are to present a new proposal banana to the European Union Agricultural Commissioner. It includes a move to introduce a higher annual tariff for all non-European banana imports. This is following a last month's decision by the GATT dispute panel to uphold the Latin Americans complaint that European Union's banana regime was unfair. Carol Orr reports (0:4:02-05:59)
4. Growing pressure to improve links with Cuba could send a flood of Caribbean investors into Cuba within the near future. Democrat lawmaker, Congressman Charles Rangel airs his views on the issue (06:00-06:55)
5. Interview with John Issa, Jamaican born businessman who established Cuba's first all inclusive hotel(6:56-09:56)
6. Renewed criticism of UN embargo against Haiti by high profile figures in the Dominican Republic. Correspondent Ian Fairley reports (09:57-12:11)
7. Caribbean governments need to harmonize their drug efforts in anti-drug legislation to make a serious dent in the drug trafficking in the region. Tony Fraser reports from Trinidad and Tobago. DEA Officer Thomas Cash, who was invited to Trinidad to encourage the passage of an anti-drug bill, discusses fighting drug related crime (12:12-14:33)
8. American President Bill announced a drug control package putting emphasis on drug prevention and treatment within the US and the plan gives priority to drug treatment in American where there are 11.5 million drug users (14:33-15:02)
9. Theme music (15:02-15:16)