Caribbean Report 13-12-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Civic organizations in Trinidad and Tobago say the matter of breaking the general elections deadlock should not be left entirely up to the political leaders. Tony Fraser reports (00:25-02:57)
3. In an interview with the anchor spokesman for the Group of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs David Abdullah, express his opinions on the tied general election result and the way forward (02:58-05:42)
4. Prison guards at the only prison in Curacao abandon their jobs amid their own safety concerns. Neil Nunez reports (05:43-07:35)
5. Grenada’s Trade Union Council calls a national rally of workers to seek support for the opposition of the Labour Relations Bill. In an interview, President of the Public Workers Union and Officer of the Grenadian TUC Luret Clarkson, shares her views on the amendments to the bill (07:36-10:40)
6. Archbishop Edmund Gilbert is convicted of the murder of 15 year old Robbie-Anne Jeremiah. Carol Orr reports (10:41-12:37)
7. UNICEF calls for global action to stamp out the growing commercial sexual exploitation of children. A report shows the problem is acute in developing countries with the Dominican Republic highlighted as having a booming business. A UNICEF representative from Santo Domingo discusses the situation with the anchor (12:38-15:31)