Caribbean Report 09-03-1990

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Fraser, Sonia (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Timmins, Jerry (anchor)
Dupree, Jack (analyst)
Martin-Jenkins, Christopher (correspondent)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


In Haiti, the military government of General Prosper Avril unleashes a campaign of terror against demonstrators who are demanding his departure. Yesterday, three civilians were killed by the Haitian soldiers and today a group of demonstrators comprising of 250 university students were fired on by soldiers of the presidential guard. Following the Financial News, the stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press are aired. The report concludes with the possible delay of the start of tomorrow’s second test match between the West Indies and England due to rain.


Report begins during the headline news.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00 - 00:20)
2. General Prosper Avril's military government pursues a systematic campaign of terror against unarmed demonstrators. Jerry Timmins reports from Port-au-Prince (00:21-07:44)
3. Financial News. Jack Dupree, Vice President of Remy and Associates comments on the proposed takeover of the company that produces Mount Gay rum (07:45-09:32)
4. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (09:33-12:46)
5. Sporting segment. Christopher Martin-Jenkins reports on the upcoming second test match between England and the West Indies (12:47-14:32)