Caribbean Report 10-08-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. The results of the second postmortem examination on the body of Joy Gardner, the Jamaican woman who collapsed while being served a deportation order shows that she had died of suffocation. The second postmortem was carried out on behalf of the family. Its full findings will be released in two weeks. Opposition Labour Party MP, Bernie Grant says the results vindicated the family’s claims about how Joy Gardner died. Mr. Grant is requesting a full enquiry from Prime Minister, John Major. Interview with Bernie Grant, MP, Labour Party (00:40-04:20)
3. Pope John Paul’s visit to Jamaica has received a mixed response from crowds lining the streets to meet him. While in Jamaica, the Pontiff apologized for the Vatican’s role in slavery. However, the Pope condemned the use of artificial birth control and in a meeting with a Jesuit run school in Kingston, he urged young people to reject drugs, violence and sexual promiscuity. He praised church leaders of all denominations during an ecumenical service at the Holy Cross Church in Kingston. Speaker – Pope John Paul II (04:21-06:35)
4. The Cuban government has put prices up in its dollar stores by up to fifty percent. Diplomats and other foreign residents do their shopping in dollar stores. The measure anticipates the end of the ban on citizens holding and spending foreign currency. Carol Orr reports (06:36-08:13)
5. Sir Shridath Ramphal says the move by Central American countries to distance themselves from the CARICOM-Cuba Commission is one which could undermine attempts at regional unity. Sir Shridath, formerly Head of the West Indian Commission says it would be a pity if the developments of such unity were to be derailed. Interview with Sir Shridath Ramphal, former Head, West Indian Commission (08:14-10:45)
6. Recent statements by Guatemala’s Vice President suggesting his country could annul recognition of Belize have been dismissed by the government. Guatemalan President, Ramiro de León Carpio says the Vice President’s comments were his personal remarks and do not represent the government’s policy. He says the recognition of Belize would remain unless a referendum decides, otherwise. Interview with Arturo Fajardo Maldonado, Foreign Minister, Guatemala. Phillip Vine reports (10:46-14:42)
7. Viv Richards dream of one last Lord’s showdown dissolved, today. His team, Glamorgan failed to make the finals of the NatWest Trophy. Glamorgan lost its semi-final game against Sussex by fifty-three runs (14:43-15:03)