Banana Fruit Seller, Barbados.




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TThis is an image of a female child, the banana seller, carrying her tray of fruit on her head . She is standing barefooted on the street. There is a bicycle in the background. This is an undivided back postcard. Back of the postcard: MP £9 (Handwritten in pencil). Phototype Combier Macon . 1d Barbados stamp affixed. Letter reads: I wish you could be here and see all the funny black people carrying baskets of fruit on their heads. Everyone seems to have a little donkey cart. Usually very heavily laden. We drove around the town for about an hour today and got back to the boat in time for lunch. Had a lovely bath yesterday water very warm. Could hardly come out, saw clouds of sardines pursued by a big fish. They all jumped out of the water, every little bit. ?? ?? very well. We both send our love. Your affectionate Jeannie Basch. Card addressed to: Master Drew McWhan, Chuklaw House, Duns., Berwickshire, Scotland


Portrait; Sephia tone; 3 ½” x 5½ ”

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Street Vendors, Dresses, Bananas, Food vendors, Children, Clothing and dress, Business enterprises, Fruit, Bicycles and tricycles