Caribbean Report 27-07-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. Ousted ex-president, Leslie Manigat, is scheduled to return to Haiti next Thursday. Louis Dejoie of Haiti's Agricultural and Industrial Party comments on the recent visit of Jimmy Carter and the instability of the Troulliot administration (00:49-04:41)
3. The Bahamian government launched an investigation into the drowning of a large number of Haitian refugees off the coast of Bahamas in July (04:42-05:16)
4. Barbados Opposition leader, Dr. Richie Haynes, tells Caricom Heads its time for less rhetoric and more action. Sandra Baptiste interviews Dr. Haynes and Dennis Pantin, Economist at the University of the West Indies (05:17-09:29)
5. Cubans marked the 37th anniversary of Fidel Castro's attempt to over throw the Batista regime. Excerpt of a speech by Fidel Castro is played, and Lionel Martin reports from Havana (09:30-12:16)
6. Mark Lennox-Boyd is now the new head at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with responsibility for the Caribbean. Andy Whitehead reports (12:17-15:08)