Caribbean Report 24-01-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:28)
2. CTO officials say business is gradually increasing after the September 11 attacks. CTO Secretary General, Jean Holder cites the Bali bombing and the UK travel advisory against Trinidad and Tobago as negative for tourism. Knowlson Gift, Foreign Minister is in London leading a damage limitation offensive to counteract the advisory (00:29-06:56)
3. Marius Wilson, Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in St. Lucia announces plans to become an independent candidate. The Executive of the Party and Stephenson King, Chairman of the Opposition are dissatisfied with Wilson's performance as head of the Party. Pete Ninvalle reports (06:57-08:26)
4. Guyana Police are investigating three violent deaths that occurred within twenty-four hours. President Bharrat Jagdeo calls for a rethink of tactics by the security forces to control the country’s crime. The BBC's Colin Smith gives details on the situation and about the President’s position (08:27-11:56)
5. In Haiti, thousands of business leaders, teachers and doctors stage a one-day general strike but key government agencies are at work. President Aristide's government is being blamed for a stagnant economy, growing insecurity and unbearable fuel prices. Karen Weir and Michael Norton report (11:57-13:50)
6. A report by a political “Think Tank” in Washington that calls for the US four-decade embargo in communist Cuba to be eased wins immediate support from key members of the US Congress. Matthew Exell reports (13:51-15:35)