Caribbean Report 09-08-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. A call for Montserrat's elections to go ahead but the Chief Minister says volcanic dislocation is of greater concern. Former Chief Minister Austin Bramble and Chief Minister of Montserrat Rubin Meade are interviewed (00:31-04:46)
3. Caribbean bankers were discussing the establishment of a EC$750 thousand disaster relief fund for Montserrat and the role of commercial banks and establishing the Caricom Single Market and Economy at a meeting in Georgetown, Guyana. (04:47-05:14)
4. Taiwan reassures Haiti of the benefits of a close relationship. Michael Norton reports (05:15-08:12)
5. A recently released study has revealed that black women in Britain earn more per hour than women in any other minority group. Some argue that this contributes to the marginalisation of Afro-Caribbean men and helps to explain why black households are more likely to be led by a single parent. Ishmael Mattison reports (08:13-11:23)
6. People of a mixed race in the United States want mixed race classification to be made official. Writer Malcolm Gladwell, Director of the Congress of Racial Equality Nigel Innis and March Organiser Phil Savage are interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (11:24-15:26)