Caribbean Report 04-06-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs Minister David Coore calls the appointment of Haitian Prime Minister Designate Marc Bazin a violation of the agreement brokered by the Organization of American States (00:33-01:08)
3. Ousted Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Bertrand Aristide reacts to the appointment of Marc Bazin with a suggestion for a naval blockade of Haiti in order to bring down the military regime (01:09-01:21)
4. In an interview with Correspondent Hugh Crosskill, Jane Regan and Robert Duval of the Haitian Information Bureau, comment on the likelihood of ousted Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Bertrand Aristide's being reinstated to power (01:22-05:23)
5. Following the crisis within the European Community with an upturned vote by Denmark over the Maastricht Treaty, CARICOM’s trade and Agricultural Director Hayden Blades, in an interview with Correspondent Mike Jarvis, recommends the move to majority voting versus the rule of unanimity when deciding on key issues among Caribbean countries (05:24-08:52)
6. At the Caribbean Basin Business Conference taking place in Puerto Rico this week, concerns are being raised over the use of investment funds in the Caribbean. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste reports (08:53-12:40)
7. Jamaican born John Barnes will not be returning to the European Football Championship due to an injury he sustained in a friendly international game against Finland. Correspondent Hugh Crosskill reports (12:41-14:06)
8. United Airlines receives tentative approval to take up all of PANAM’s former Latin American and Caribbean routes (14:07-14:45)