Caribbean Report 16-12-1997

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. The brother of Prime Minister Lester Bird of Antigua has reportedly been shot by his client, one of the residents of the controversial Guiana Island Project. Louis Daniel reports (00:32-03:13)
3. With a quarter of the votes counted, Guyana's ruling People's Progressive Party is claiming victory. The Commonwealth Observer Group was satisfied with yesterday's polls. Colin Smith reports (03:14-07:27)
4. In Jamaica a team flies in to observe Thursday's general elections and with one final day of campaigning left, the parties are doing all they can to encourage voters to turn out. Dr Rupert Lewis, UWI, Mona is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (07:28-12:15)
5. A group of Caribbean diplomats today suggested that the region should make allies in the bid to change the face of the World Trade Organisation . Renewing the call for a WTO with a human face the ambassadors for Jamaica, St. Vincent and Belize put their case forward in Washington. Jamaica's Ambassador to Washington Richard Burnell is interviewed (12:16-15:28)