Caribbean Report 18-07-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:41)
2. Madrid recalls the Spanish ambassador to Havana for consultations as relations between Cuba and Spain continue to be strained following a row over three Haitians seeking asylum at the Spanish embassy in Havana. Hugh Schofield reports from Spain (00:42-02:45)
3. Eleven alleged human rights activists in Cuba convicted of counter-revolutionary activities face sentences ranging from fifteen years imprisonment to three years house arrest. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (02:46-04:31)
4. Financial News (04:32-05:19)
5. The most feared man in Haiti, Roger La Fontant, remains at large despite a third warrant issued for his arrest. Radio Haiti journalist, Michelle Monatgue reports (05:20-09:04)
6. Rev. Allan Kirton, General Secretary of the Caribbean Council of Churches states that Haiti must be on the agenda of the upcoming Caricom Heads of Government meeting. Sandra Baptiste interviews Rev. Allan Kirton (09:05-11:54)
7. Albert Flemimg, Mayor of St. Martin, promises open revolt against Paris if the French establishes a fiscal control center to investigate money laundering and fraud at the St. Martin banks. Eddie Williams interviews Albert Fleming (11:55-15:14)