Caribbean Report 28-11-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. We hear from a British pilot in Guyana who was held at gunpoint before his plane was hijacked. Captain Frank Rowe is interviewed (00:31-03:34)
3. Greenpeace warns of preparations for a shipment of nuclear waste through the Caribbean (03:35-07:42)
4. The Cuban Foreign Ministry says it considers recent comments by the Spanish Foreign Minister that Spain did not want the political situation to escalate as an indication that Spain wants the diplomatic row to end. Meanwhile the EU appears set to toughen its position on Cuba according to diplomats. Prime Minister John Major is interviewed and Ken Richards and Rosie Hayes report (07:43-11:12)
5. Talks in Costa Rica center on closer regional ties with Central America. Foreign Minister Ralph Maraj is interviewed (11:13-12:41)
6. Two of Trinidad and Tobag's largest financial institutions are on a collision course for control of the biggest commercial bank in the country. Tony Fraser reports (12:42-15:29)