Caribbean Report 03-01-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. The New Year opens with a labour headache for the Trinidad and Tobago government. The new doctors' association attempting to negotiate for renewal of contracts is not recognised under the Industrial Relations Act. Tony Fraser reports (00:26-02:23)
3. Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Patrick Manning reacts favourably to a proposal from the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chaves to create an international oil company representing several Latin American and Caribbean countries. Venezuela is in the grip of a political crisis affecting its key oil industry (02:24-03:57)
4. Guyana’s crime wave of the previous year continues despite President Bharrat Jagdeo’s strong warning that the crime situation must stop. Police officers are expressing concerns about their security and Assistant Superintendent David Ramnarine is addressing them. He speaks with Colin Smith from the BBC Caribbean Report (03:58-08:06)
5. Campaigning begins in the Netherlands Antilles for its upcoming general elections. Officials in the financially troubled five island federation are hoping for a more favourable government this time. Neil Nunes reports (08:07-09:54)
6. How to keep the two island Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis intact amid calls from Nevis to secede is of current concern to its government. Opposition Leader Lindsay Grant, representing the People’s Action Movement, tells Ben Meade that while Nevis has grounds to complain there is no justification for secession (09:55-13:16)
7. Roger Groot, an American law professor joins the defence team of the teenage sniper suspect Jamaican John Lee Malvo. Both Malvo and the Gulf War veteran John Allen Muhammad are to stand trial for murder. Ken Richards reports (13:17-15:32)