Caribbean Report 23-11-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:00 - 00:27)
2. Developing countries have signaled their intention to boycott upcoming WTO trade talks in Seattle unless specific demands and trade concerns are addressed. Countries include India and Pakistan. Correspondent Claire Doyle reports from Geneva (00:28 – 04:34)
3. US Deputy trade representative Susan Essaman vows to coerce WTO to reform and change current methods of resolving disputes. There are plans to table these proposals at WTO meeting in Seattle in November. Barbadian Minister for Trade Billie Miller comments on the uphill struggle to present successful arguments and garner support for Caribbean region. Research fellow Kim Elliott International Institute of Economics analyses the need to reform WTO dispute settlements arrangements. Orin Gordon reports (04:35 – 09:49)
4. Commonwealth Ministerial action group continues to monitor political developments in Pakistan following military coup staged by General Nawaz Sharif. Barbadian Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs Billie Miller discusses rule of law and trail of (09:50 – 12:53)
5. US President Bill Clinton is urging leaders in developing countries to encourage widespread use of internet as a means of promoting growth and fighting poverty. Christopher Alleyne CEO of internet service provider Sunbeach in Barbados analyses limitation factors which affect internet access in the Caribbean. Project Manager of OECS telecommunications Donnie De Freitas comments on impact of completion on consumer. BBC correspondent Kimberly Andrew provides an overview on the impact of internet as a new medium in the Caribbean region (12:54 – 15:22)