Caribbean Report 28-11-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Haiti’s interim government sets January 5th as the new date for general elections. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince (00:28-03:14)
3. Four Cuban dissidents jailed in Havana with jail terms ranging from 1-2 years accused of meeting illegally, printing subversive literature and defaming the Cuban government. Lionel Martin reports (03:15-04:48)
4. The future of Cuba’s oil-for-sugar agreement with the Russian states is now uncertain. This signifies serious implications for Cuba’s sugar industry as predicted by sugar analyst, Chris Pack (04:49-07:23)
5. Guyana’s President Desmond Hotye is expected to formally declare a state of emergency tonight to pave the way for the recall of the country’s parliament. Sharief Khan reports that the action is necessary following the collapse of his plan to hold elections on Dec 16 (07:24-09:03)
6. The sale of a large track of rainforest by the Guyana’s government to a consortium headed by Lord Beaverbrook, a former British minister and current Treasurer of the ruling Conservative Party, was the subject of a short debate in the British House of Commons yesterday. This Beaverbrook Deal raised concerns of exploitation of the Guyanese people and destruction of the rainforest (09:04-12:40)
7. Debbie Ransome reports on the Court of Appeal’s decision to clear the “Tottenham Three” for the murder of a police officer in 1985 and the instance of miscarriage of justice. Comments from George and Patsy Braithwaite, the parents of one of the accused Mark Braithwaite (12:40-14:22)