Caribbean Report 10-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:30)
2. Jamaica's Minister of Information and General Secretary of the People's National Party, responds to Dr. Trevor Munroe on the government's failure to deliver on pre-election promises during its first six months. Pat Whitehorne interviews Dr. Paul Robertson and Dr. Trevor Munroe (01:31-05:46)
3. Four Jamaicans are jailed for sixteen years for running Britain's first 'Crack Factory'. Brian Jarman reports (05:47-07:13)
4. Financial news (07:14-08:41)
5. The adrenaline is flowing for Britain's Caribbean athletes on the eve of the Commonwealth trials. Andy Edwards interviews John Regis and Dalton Grant (08:42-11:45)
6. General Colin Powell, the son of Jamaicans is set to become America's most powerful military man. Adrian Porter reports (11:46-15:39)