Caribbean Report 18-07-1996

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Gordon, Warren (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Bird, Lester (interviewee)
Brenner, Philip (interviewee)
White, James (correspondent)
Perreira, Joseph 'Reds' (interviewee)
Richards, Ken (correspondent)
Wilson, Felix (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. Nevis Parliament votes unanimously to split from St. Kitts but the Caricom Chairman hopes that it is not yet over. Prime Minister Lester Bird and Philip Brenner, Department of International Relations for Policy at the American Univerisity are interviewed (00:35-06:35)
3. Eighty million dollars libel pay out in Jamaica raises questions of restraints on the press. QC Lord Gifford is interviewed (06:36-10:18)
4. The Montserratian Red Cross is marking July 18th volcanic activity by launching a campaign to raise US half a million dollars to build a home for the elderly on the island. James White, Jr reports (10:19-12:06)
5. We ask if a West Indian olympic team would increase regional chances of winning gold in Atlanta. Journalist Joseph 'Reds' Perreira and Felix Wilson of the Dominica Olympic Committee are interviewed and Ken Richards reports (12:07-15:19)