A brief history of early education of the deaf in Trinidad and Tobago



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Department of History, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus,Trinidad and Tobago


A sketch of any aspect of the history of the deaf in Trinidad and Tobago is an important step towards understanding the underpinnings of their present status in the wider society. This paper outlines the beginnings of formal education of the deaf in Trinidad and Tobago. It includes an overview of the formation of the first school for the deaf in Trinidad and the transition of teaching methods used: from oralist techniques, through mixed oral and manual methods, and finally towards the use of natural sign language in the classroom. Through this record, the wider population can begin to understand the evolution of the deaf community in Trinidad and Tobago and their unique language, Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language (TTSL).


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Deaf -- Education -- History -- Trinidad and Tobago., Hearing impaired -- Education -- Trinidad and Tobago., Sign language -- History -- Trinidad and Tobago.


Braithwaite,Benjamin, Kathy-Ann Drayton and Alicia Lamb."A Brief History of Early Education of the Deaf in Trinidad and Tobago." History in Action Online-Only Journal 2.1 (2011): n.pag.Web.