Caribbean Report 08-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. World Trade Organisation advises OECS countries to diversify their economies. OECS Ambassador to Brussels Edwin Laurent is interviewed (00:29-03:54)
3. Meanwhile, in the Caribbean offshore front Aruba has pledged to bring its tax regime into line with international standards. Both Aruba and the Netherland Antilles are paid on the OECD blacklist of tax havens last year. Prime Minister Henny Eman is interviewed and Geraldine Cockland reports from The Hague (03:55-05:45)
4. While the Bahamas sees itself as one of the region's leading financial centres, the Bahamian Chief Justice Joan Sawyer is on a working visit to London at the moment. She is assessing recent reforms to Britain's Civil Justice System with a view to having them adapted for the Bahamas. Chief Justice Joan Sawyer is interviewed (05:46-09:04)
5. Another rise of the murder rate in Jamaica. Emma Joseph reports (09:05-10:14)
6. Delegation of the United States business executives have began a second day meeting with senior Cuban officials in Havana. They are attending a conference to encourage trade and investment with the United States (10:15-10:49)
7. Why was there voter apathy among black Britians despite a landslide victory for the United Kingdom's Labour Party? Operation's Black Vote Simon Woolley is interviewed (10:50-13:44)
8. While the turn out of the black vote in Britain may have been disappointing but in the United States a report by the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights has confirmed that black votes in Florida were discriminated against in last year's US presidential elections. Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson is interviewed (13:45-15:29)