Caribbean Report 20-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Caricom Secretary General announces that most inter-regional trade barriers will come down tomorrow. Caricom Secretary General Edwin Carrington is interviewed and Bertrand Niles reports (00:33-03:24)
3. In 1997 the Caricom Secretariat will have its first woman Secretary General Dr Carla Barnett formerly the deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Belize (03:25-03:47)
4. With only twelve days left to go in 1996 the total number of persons murdered in Jamaica so far now stands at eight hundred and ninety-nine with the murders of three persons in separate incidents over the last twenty-four hours. Jamaica's Chamber of Commerce Mr James Moss-Solomon and Jamaica Council of Churches Reverend Majorie Lewis Cooper are interviewed. Jennifer Grant reports (03:48-05:51)
5. From St. Lucia a reminder that the mealybug pest is the whole region's business. Director of Agriculture Services in St. Lucia Julius Polius is interviewed (05:52-06:51)
6. The United States Justice Department yesterday charged Royal Caribbean Cruisers, a Norwegian owned company of repeatedly dumping oil waste from several of its vessels in many parts of the Caribbean Sea and around the US coast (06:52-07:24)
7. The government of Antigua and Barbuda says no agreement on allowing Guadeloupe fishermen to use the island's waters has been made. Editor of the Outlet Tim Hector is interviewed (07:25-10:27)
8. In Puerto Rico workers have pulled out two more bodies from the rubble of a blasted out shoe store (10:28-11:01)
9. An African American alternative to Christmas increases in popularity. Afro-American black store owner Gwendoline Johnson and Debbie Medina of the Daily News are interviewed (11:02-15:35)