Caribbean Report 21-01-1994


This report looks at Haiti which faces a total shut down as a result of an oil crisis. It also reports on the bid by Latin American countries for the post of Secretary General of the Organization of American Satetes(OAS) and their solicitation of CARICOM's support in the face of the issue with banana industry. And the final segment looks at the arrival of the English team for the Five Test Series.


Table of Contents

Headlines (00:00-00:34)
Michel Norton reports from Port-au-Prince Haiti about the adverse social and economic effects that the gasoline shortage is having on the country(00:35-02:56)
Trinidad and Tobago is about to begin a national consultation on the establishment of a Charter of Civil Society. Tony Fraser reports and interviews Ralph Maraj who talks about the contents of the charter and the document hopes to achieve (02:57-04:57)
Venezuela and Columbia have sent a representative to Guyana to seek a vote of Secretary General of OAS. Three Latin American countries are in the running and are each seeking CARICOM's support. However CARICOM is being viewed as naive for supporting Latin American given the banana issue. This segment features an interviewee with Eugenia Charles and Sue Branford of BBC Latin America (04:57-09:48)
The arrival of the English team in the Caribbean for the Five Test Series has sent the British press into overdrive with the press full of profiles, previews and predictions (09:49:14:55)


Haiti -- Social conditions, Civil society -- Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Community, Cricket matches -- Caribbean area