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Thelma Viola Rogers, an octogenarian, was a housewife who made clothes, soft toys and other craft items. She was also an active member of several voluntary organisations, including the Audrey Jeffers' Coterie of Social Workers, through which she met Amy Ashwood Garvey, the first wife of Marcus Garvey. An interview was done on the occasion of her donating to OPReP a collection of memorabilia of Amy Ashwood Garvey (see OP 19). It would appear, however, that there was an error in recording/copying and this tape is blank. In lieu of a transcript there is a short memoir in which the informant shares brief details of her life story (see SC 58 in Special Collections). This interview was added to the database to avoid leaving a blank OP number and also as a grim reminder of one of the hazards of the oral history process.


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Garvey, Amy Ashwood, Garvey, Marcus