Caribbean Report 30-10-1995


In this report there is a major eruption at Montserrat's volcano but there are no moves to evacuate residents at this time. In St. Martin, a new island government has been sworn in, it is the fifth time that local government has changed in the last four years. Trinidad and Tobago's Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday is predicting a tie in the next general elections despite polls published by Dr. Selwyn Ryan. In Jamaica, former JLP Chairman Bruce Golding launched the country's third political party and promised to deal with the issue of garrison politics. Meanwhile, in Antigua and Barbuda, former Trade Minister Hugh Marshall is set to launch a third political party, the People's Democratic Movement. The people of Antigua have their say on this third political party. In Canada, Caribbean people fear the anti-immigrant backlash as the Quebec province vote in a referendum. The Quebec vote may lead to secession from Canada. Colin Rikards, editor of The Share and Noel Alexander, Head of the Association of Jamaicans comment on this alleged anti-immigrant feeling.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:29)
2. More volcanic activity in Montserrat but no moves to evacuate the residents (00:30-04:54)
3. In St. Martin another new government is set up, the fifth in four years (04:55-07:22)
4. Trinidad's Opposition Leader predicts a tie in the general elections and scoffs at Dr. Selwyn Ryan's polls (07:23-09:30)
5. In Jamaica, Bruce Golding launches the country's third political party and promises to deal with the issue of garrison politics (09:31-09:50)
6. In Antigua/Barbuda, former Trade Minister Hugh Marshall will formally set up a third political party (09:51-12:01)
7. Caribbean nationals living in Canada fear anti-immigrant backlash as Quebec vote to secede from the country (12:02-15:15)