Caribbean Report 05-01-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Constitutional standoff in Trinidad and Tobago only minutes away from being resolved. Tony Fraser reports (00:26-02:59)
3. Guyana introduces gay rights laws. Executive Member of Guyana Human Rights Association Michael McCormack is interviewed. Colin Smith reports (03:00-05:05)
4. In St. Lucia, large crowds gather outside the courthouse in the capital awaiting the appearance of two men Kim John and Francis Phillip charged with the murder of a nun on New Year's Eve (05:06-05:33)
5. This week in Caribbean countries with offshore centres is to hammer out an agreed position ahead of a later meeting with the organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Barbados International Business Minister Reginald Farley is interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports from Bridgetown (05:34-07:43)
6. St. Kitts and Nevis' government say a new tax would not hurt a bit but businessmen say yes it will. President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Michael Norton is interviewed (07:44-10:30)
7. Could the West Indies Cricket Team defy the odds and steal the last match from Australia? This series is about to end while the Busta Cup has started. Cricketer Carl Hooper is interviewed and Megan Jones reports (10:31-15:23)