Caribbean Report 08-01-1992


Reporters explore political developments in Haiti with deposed President Jean-Betrand Aristide's support for the communist leader, Rene Theodore. Also reported on is the capture of three Cuban exiles in Miami and the criticism in editorials in two of Jamaica's newspapers of Michael Manley's speech on financial issues. There is also a segment exploring the relations between the police force and the black community in England. Finally Grammy Award nominees for the best Reggae Album category are announced.


Issues in England are also covered in this report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Report on deposed Haitian President's Jean-Bertrand Aristide's endorsement of the new Haitian communist leader, Rene Theodore (00:33-01:17)
3. Interview with Marc Bazin, U.S. suported candidate for Haitian leadership (01:18-02:53)
4. Michael Norton reports from Haiti on the support being given to Rene Theodore (02:54-06:08)
5. Report on the capture of three Cuban exiles in Miami (06:09-06:26)
6. Lionel Martin reports on the attitude to the arrests of the three Cuban exiles in Havanna (06:27-07:58)
7. Report on the criticism of Jamaican Prime Minister's speech on financial issues in Jamaica (07:59-08-26)
8. Interview with Errol Gregory, editor of the Jamaican publication, Money Index (08:27-11:04)
9. Report on relations between the British police and Britain's black community (11:05-11:31)
10. John Silverman report on the issue of improved relations between Britian's police and it's black community since the riots of the 1980's (11:32-11:45)
11. Interview with Marlene Ellis, the first black female sergeant in England's police service (11:46-12:21)
12. John Silverman continues report (12:22-12:55)
13. Interview with Lorraine Martins, senior member of a monitoring project on racism in Britian (12:56-13:11)
14. John Silverman continues report (13:12-13:30)
15. Interiew with Chief Superintendant in England, Eric Brown (13:31-13:52)
16. John Silverman continues report (13:53-14:04)
17. Report on the nominees for the Grammy Awards in the best Reggae category (14:05-14:55)