Caribbean Report 17-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:36)
2. A tour bus with German tourist is held up and robbed in Jamaica. German Consular, Kingston Robert Muller and Minister of National Security and Justice Kadi Knight are interviewed. Carol Orr reports from Kingston (00:37-03:05)
3. In St. Lucia, the head of the country's National Youth Organisation has called for a joint CARICOM response to growing crime across the region. President of the National Youth Council Veronica Cenac is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports from Castries (03:05-04:34)
4. Growing concern about the increase in the crime wave in the Caribbean is being linked by some to the number of criminals being deported from the United States. Sonia Leonce-Carryl of St. Lucia, President of the St. Lucia Industrial and Small Business Association Michael Willius and Lobbyist for the Caribbean in Washington, Hazel Ross-Robinsin are interviewed (04:35-09:33)
5. World Trade Organisation is to meet to try to move forward a long running dispute between the United States and the European Union over bananas. Claire Adoo reports from Geneva (09:34-11:16)
6. Caribbean countries are urged to begin lobbying America on limiting criminal deportees. Black Muslim Conrad Muhammed is interviewed and Leslie Goffe reports (11:17-14:01)
7. As British shoppers descend on department stores for their Christmas shopping one of the stocking fillers attracting interest is a book by former Reggae Boyz Robbie Earle. His book "One Love," documents the experience of the Jamaican National Football side the Reggae Boyz. Author and former Reggae Boyz, Robbie Earl is interviewed (14:02-15:31)