Caribbean Report 22-01-1990


The program features the expulsion of prominent opposition leaders from Haiti by President Prosper Avril. The ousted leaders comment that the state of siege in Haiti diminishes the occurrence of free and fair elections, and moves Haiti closer towards an era of Duvalism. Following the Financial Market news, the report covers the ruling by the Privy Council in London that Antigua’s public order law breached the constitutional freedom of expression. This ruling came about after an Antiguan journalist, Tim Hector, published a report in his newspaper (the Outlet) that the Antiguan government was involved in the kidnapping of a cocaine trafficker three years earlier. The final segment reports that the Cuban authorities have imposed harsher bread rationing in the face of mounting instability in the Soviet Union. Cuba’s problems are also compounded by increasing tensions with Washington over the broadcasting of TV Marti in Cuba.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. State of seige in Haiti and the expulsion of the opposition leaders. Interview with ousted leaders Louis Roy and Hubert De Ronceray, leader of the Mobilization for National Development. BBC correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Michael Norton, interviews Brian Jarman (00:41-09:09)
3. Financial News (09:10-10:04)
4. Privy Council in London rules in favour of Tim Hector, Antiguan journalist. Leslie Garth interviews Tim Hector and his lawyer, Richard Hallmark (10:05-12:36)
5. Cuba adversely affected by instability in the Soviet Union and increasing tensions with the United States. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (12:37-14:49)