Caribbean Report 03-02-1994


In this report Donald Rodney, the brother of Dr. .Walter Rodney responds to Gregory Smith's condition that he take a lie detector test; government's reactions to the recent developments in the Dr. Walter Rodney case are examined;Suriname plagued by economic hardship; a special screening the American film 'Cool Runnings' is to be aired, the coach and a member of the Jamaican bobsled team, on which the movie is based, talks about the impact the film has had on the team.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:45)
2. Donald Rodney, brother of Dr. Walter Rodney responds to the Gregory Smith's request that he take a lie detector test. Hugh Crosskill reports(00:46-05:43)
3. Correspondent Sharief Khan reports on the reactions of the Guyanese officials as they contemplate comments made by Gregory Smith, a person of interest in the investigation in the death of Dr. Walter Rodney (05:44-07:28)
4. In Suriname while politicians continue to be locked in meetings to discuss the long term economic development programmes, the ordinary citizens can hardly make ends meet. Chandra Van Binnendijk reports on the economic hardships being experienced by the people of Suriname(07:29-09:47)
5. A special screening of the American film 'Cool Runnings' arranged by the Olympic Association for their bobsleigh team which leaves for the Winter Olympics in Norway. The proceeds from the British screening of the film, will go towards supporting the British Paralympic team (09:48-11:04)
6. Sam Bock, the coach of the Jamaican bobsled team talks about how the film 'Cool Runnings' has affected the team (11:05-12:12)
7. Tal Stokes a driver on the Jamaican bobsled team talks about the impact the film has had on the sport, the team and he also gives a bit of history of how the Jamaican bobsled team originated (12:13-14:57)
Wrap up (14:57-15:09)


Bobsledding -- Jamaica, Bobsledders (Jamaica)