Caribbean Report 22-12-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. A Guyanese court imposes a media blackout on Opposition challenge to the election results. Moya Thomas reports (00:29-02:04)
3. Bermuda voices objections to the upcoming British dependent territories meeting. Bermuda's Premier Pamela Gordon is interviewed (02:05-04:16)
4. As the new year approaches so does the millennium nightmare which is the expected crash of computers world wide in 2000. As computer technology has come to assume massive importance in Caribbean every day life what are the implication for the Caribbean region as Caribbean bankers meet in Barbados? Kathleen Gordon, Caribbean Development Bank, Deputy Director, Information Technology, Vincent Grosvenor, Barbados Central Bank and Andy Baines, ICL, Britain are interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports (04:17-07:12)
5. The Cuban govenment gives the Catholic Church a voice on the airwaves. E. Smith reports (07:13-08:47)
6. In the early 1960's, fourteen thousand children left Cuba for the United States in an attempt to evade the future adverse conditions under Fidel Castro. Parents never saw their children again but now a project called Peter Pan aims to reunite the families. Rosie Hayes reports (08:48-11:53)
7. 1997 European Year Against Racism. Glen Ford reports (11:54-14:10)
8. Montserratians: the people and their plight and on Christmas Day the wishful thinking of Caribbean people living in London in dreams of hope -- the BBC series of special programmes (14:11-15:25