Caribbean Report 12-06-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:59)
2. Lecturers at University of Guyana are seeking Sir Shirdath Rampael’s support or threaten to resign on mass in support of 40 dismissed workers. Interview with Fr. Malcolm Rodriguez (01:04-02:48)
3. Jamaica’s Foreign Minister, David Coore looks ahead to the upcoming ACP/EEC ministerial meeting in Brussels. Interview David Coore (02:49-05:56)
4. Financial News (06:04-07:53)
5. Haiti’s Electoral Council faces a mountainous task of little public support. Interview with Lesley Griffiths (07:54-11:18)
6. Some of the more powerful Trade Unions in Dominican Republic have called for a general strike. Report by Jean Michel Caroit (11:19-13:04)
7. 5th day for Ben Johnson’s doctor on the stand at the enquiry into drug use in amateur sport. Richard Reynolds reports (13:05-14:35)