Caribbean Report 07-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Antiguan Prime Minister says that he is still opposed to a public inquiry into a medical benefit scandal. Prime Minister Lester Bird (00:29-03:22)
3. Montserrat's new Chief Minister John Osborne has been told to wait until the next British government is in power before finding out exactly how much aid they could get. Chief Minister John Osbourne is interviewed (03:23-06:10)
4. Britain goes to the polls but what's in it for the region? Emma Joseph looks at the Labour Party's track record in the Caribbean over the last four years. One politician who would be fighting to retain the seat of one of Britain's most famous Caribbean politicians, the late Bernie Grant is David Lammy. Britain's Foreign Secretary Robin Cooke, Jamaica's Talk Show Host Ronald Thwaites, David Lammy and Dominican born Baroness Patricia Scotland are interviewed. Emma Joseph reports (06:11-13:22)
5. After a four year suspension Holland resumes its aid programme to Suriname. Geraldine Cocklannd reports (13:23-14:59)
6. Six people who have been arrested in Haiti are accused of plotting against the State (15:00-15:38)