Caribbean Report 16-07-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Jamaica sends its National Security Minister to London for help in equipping its security forces. Tanya Green-Reid reports (00:28-02:15)
3. Antigua gets a fillip in cleaning up its offshore operations. In Antigua, a government ordered inquiry into the operations of the scandal riddened medical benefit scheme formally began today. High Commissioner Sir Ronald Sanders and President of the Antigua Bar Association Justin Simon are interviewed (02:16-07:49)
4. Caribbean countries are reeling from a slowdown in summer tourist arrivals. Executive Vice President of the Caribbean Hotel Association John Bell was asked if the downturn was just seasonal or whether there was a serious cause for concern? President of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Linford Fevrier, President of the St. Lucia Industrial and Small Business Association Tedburt Theobalds and John Bell of the Caribbean Hotel Association are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports from Castries (07:50-12:09)
5. Four people appear in court in the US Virgin Islands tomorrow charged with trafficking in humans. Evans Ortiz from the INS in Puerto Rico is interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports (12:10-13:52)
6. Rights of United States citizens to sue foreign companies in the US Courts if they do business with Cuba has been suspended for a further six months (13:53-15:36)