Caribbean Report 15-11-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Advisor to President Clinton says NAFTA's priority is the newly elected government's top priority. Assistant Secretary of State for the Caribbean and Latin America Jeff Dividor is interviewed and Roy Osana reports (00:31-02:32)
3. Dominica's Prime Minister urges world leaders in Rome to support the Caribbean banana industry. Prime Minister Edison James is interviewed and David Willey reports (02:33-06:34)
4. Montserratians evacuated to Britain air their concerns for those at home. Janice Pantin from the Montserrat Aid Committee and Scientist Willie Aspinall are interviewed. Julia Thompson reports (06:35-09:49)
5. In Britain a Church of England report published today says there is evidence of racism in a place you might least expect it. The Church of England admits that amongst its members there is a hardcore of resistance to antidiscrimination policies. Reverend Arlene Blake, Reverend Pierre Samuel and Bishop of Croydon Wilfred Wood are interviewed. Sarah Collins reports (09:50-14:07)
6. In New York oil giant Texaco is facing a nationwide campaign this weekend in a bid to force the company to settle a multimillion racial dispute (14:08-15:26)