Caribbean Report 22-03-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:58)
2. The environmental organization, Greenpeace International explains why no Caribbean nor African country has signed the Basel Convention on toxic waste dumping in Switzerland. Jim Vallette is interviewed in Basel, Switzerland (00:59-04:21)
3. Haiti announces a new electoral council with a focus on impartiality. Recollections about the political violence that transpired with the former council during the November 1987 elections are expressed by Michael Norton who reports from Port au Prince (04:22-07:58)
4. Financial news. Simon Elliston, Oil Analyst of Citigroup is interviewed (07:59-9:58)
5. Fourteen alleged members of an international drug ring are arrested as a shipment of nine hundred and twelve pounds of pure cocaine are seized in the Dominican Republic. This country is being used as a major trans-shipment point, between South America and the North America market. Jean-Michel Caroit reports (9:59-11:31)
6. Racial harassment of black people in the British armed forces was the subject of a BBC television documentary entitled “Taking Liberties”. Winston Lindsay, a black Guardsman who served with the Grenadier Guards and Scotty Muir, a Jamaican who served with the Royal Green Jackets describe their experiences of racial abuse. Hugh Crosskill reports (11:32-15:03)