Caribbean Report 20-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:25)
2. Islands of northeastern Caribbean are being adversely affected by Hurricane Jose. In Antigua Philmore Mullin Deputy in the Office of Disaster Services in reports on the extent of damages in Antigua and Barbuda. Robert Mathavious Acting Chairman of British Virgin Islands National Emergency Committee reports on the island’s preparedness activities (00:26 - 02:15)
3. St. Lucia will host a conference on disaster preparedness in key economic sectors agriculture, forestry and fisheries in small island development states. Conference is sponsored by FAO. Eleanor Jones Director of Environmental Solutions shares her view on the response given to economic sectors on the issue of disaster preparedness (02:16 – 03:20)
4. Leaders of Britain Overseas territories have ended a two-day meeting with new Minister responsible for this region Baroness Patricia Scotland in London. At the meeting there was an overview of a White Paper presented by Foreign Minister Robin Cooke which covers reform of laws on homosexuality and harsher controls on offshore financial services. The territories were given a mandate to prepare and submit proposals on constitutional reform following widespread consultations with citizens in the islands. Montserrat Chief Minister David Brandt discusses British governance and constitutional reform (03: 21 – 06:22)
5. CARICOM Launches a regional charter on health and aging aiming for a more organized approach to integration of senior citizens in society as figures show a rapidly expanding elderly population by year 2015. CARICOM Deputy Secretary General Dr. Carla Barnett comments on the wide spread implications for service sectors. Colin Smith reports (06:23 – 07:48)
6. Two Caribbean countries top the list in a report by US Customs on cocaine seizures on airlines operating out of the region. Jamaica is one of the countries identified as a major trans-shipment point. Narcotic Chief Senior Superintendent Beresford Spence discusses escalation and expansion in Jamaica’s role in drug trade and measures implemented. Correspondent Kimberly Andrew reads excerpts from the report (07:49 – 09:22)
7. Experts at Miami University North South Center are reporting that Caribbean countries are very responsive to Y2K compliance preparations. Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Vincent and Grenadines and Barbados have all launched websites describing the anticipated response in sectors affected notably banking and health. Economic Development Carl Bethel reviews the public relations campaign launched in Bahamas. Professor Anthony Brian International Expert at North South Center in Miami and consultant for Y2K program in region discusses the region’s preparedness (09:23 – 12:45)
8. Caribbean nationals seeking permanent status in the US can now participate in a Visa Lottery program organized by the government. Winston Tucker prominent immigration lawyer discusses the scheme. Bevan Springer reports from New York (12:46 – 15:25)