Caribbean Report 30-05-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:46)
2. Canadian Sprinter Ben Johnson admits to knowingly taking steriods. He was giving evidence at the Canada enquiry into drug use in sports. Richard Reynolds reports from Canada (00:47-04:00)
3. Rupert Roopnarine, the co-leader of the Opposition Party in Guyana, welcomes the suggestion by President Hoyte to allow Caribbean Observers to oversee elections which are due in Guyana by the following year. Jerry Timmins interviews Rupert Roopnarine (04:01-07:22)
4. Financial news - In London, a committee of the Sugar Futures Market alerts its members to expect Cuban origin white and raw sugar on the London Market. John Payne is interviewed by Jerry Timmins (07:23-09:14)
5. Two delegations, one from Caricom and the other from the Caribbean Conference of Churches arrive in Haiti to find the country severly weakened by political and military unrest and economic decline. Michael Norton interviews Jean-Claude Bajeux, co-leader of Congress of Haiti's Democratic Movement (09:15-12:01)
6. Jamaica's Minister of National Security, Mr. K. D. Knight describes the Cabinet Committee's talks regarding the death penalty in Jamaica as academic. Pat Whitehorne interviews Mr. K. D. Knight (12:02-15:10)