Caribbean Report 19-07-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. A programme to help Caribbean companies deal with the reduction of the CET is being put together. The Barbados based, CARICOM Export Development Project (CEDP) is hoping to secure 5.5 million US dollars from the European Community to fund its broad based programmes and to improve the initial competiveness of select Caribbean companies. The three main elements of the programme are the enterprise development programme, public sector reform and a financial support package. Interview with Earle Baccus, Project Director, CEDP. Sandra Baptiste reports (00:39-05:32)
3. An agreement reached in New York has paved the way for the ratification of a new Haitian Prime Minister later in the week. Whoever President Aristide chooses, he runs the risk of upsetting certain factions within the Haitian Parliament. As Michael Norton reports, even Aristide’s supporters have their doubts about the frontrunner, businessman and longtime advisor, Robert Malval (05:33-08:12)
4. Barbados’ new opposition leader is economist, Owen Arthur. Owen Arthur takes over the post from veteran regionalist politician, Henry Ford who retired because of health reasons. Interview with journalist, David Ellis who responded to questions on the Barbados Labour Party’s perspective on regionalism and Owen Arthur’s appeal to prospective voters in the lower stratum of society and young people (08:13-11:45)
5. Cuba has resumed sugar exports which has been on hold since the tropical storm which devastated the crop, last month. Although loading stations were reopened, the state sugar company, Cubazucar reported that they were operating at 25 percent capacity. Company’s President, Alberto Betancourt had said in June that fulfilling contracts with Russia, part of a sugar for oil deal would be a priority for Cuba when it resumes exports (11:46-12:14)
6. England’s cricketer, Ian Botham bowed out of first class cricket, two months ahead of schedule. Botham who first played cricket for England in 1977, represents his country in 102 test matches with more than 5,00 runs, having taken 383 wickets. Interviews with Ian Botham and Viv Richards, friend and former West Indies Cricket Captain (12:15-15:02)