Caribbean Report 23-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Two Ministers Attorney General Errol Court and former Health Minister Bernard Percival were fired because of Antigua's medical benefits scheme. Editor of the Daily Observer Newspaper Winston Derrick is interviewed (00:28-04:02)
3. Region's leading financial institutions are advised to be more in tune to Caribbean social needs. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (04:03-06:35)
4. World Trade Organisation has warned that world trade growth looks set to slow down. It is being predicted that the slowdown will affect the Caribbean. Orin Gordon reports (06:36-07:47)
5. Britain's Royal College of Nursing has been explaining why it has pushed for the introduction of a new code of practice. General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing Christine Hancock is asked why is Britain recruiting nurses from areas like the Caribbean? General Secretary Christine Hancock is interviewed (07:48-10:35)
6. Recent arrest of twenty-three women in Trinidad and Tobago for prostitution has led to a call by one trade union for the age old profession to be legalised. Trade Unionist Clotil Walcott and Head of the Gender Centre, UWI, St. Augustine Rhoda Reddock and Labour Minister Harry Partap are interviewed. Karen Weir reports (10:36-13:02)
7. Cricket report that points to players still taking money to throw matches. Cricket Commentator Tim Hector and former Head of the South Africa Cricket Board Ali Bacher are interviewed and Basil Chambers reports (13:03-15:27)