Caribbean Report 12-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Guyana's Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte calls for curbs on what he sees as police excesses. Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte and Public Relations Officer at the Office of the President Robert Persaud. Colin Smith reports (00:29-02:31)
3. OAS detects some movement in clearing Haiti's political lock jam. Dame Eugenia Charles and OAS Deputy Secretary General Luigi Einaudi are interviewed (02:32-05:50)
4. Has Jamaica police lost control of gang dominated West Kingston? Jamaica Police Deputy Superintendent James Forbes is interviewed (05:51-08:39)
5. In Antigua, a coalition of non-governmental organisations say it has not been put off by legal argument but the Governor General does not have the constitutional authority to set up a commission of inquiry. Dominican Constitutional Lawyer Anthony Astaphan, NGO spokesman Bruce Goodwin and Former President of the OECS Bar Association Cosmos Phillip are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (08:40-11:41)
6. Dominican Bar Association has heavily criticised an exchange in the Information Act going before Parliament. The proposed law is the government's latest attempt to meet demands for stiffer regulations in its offshore financial centre. Nicole Georges reports from Roseau, Dominica (11:42-13:07)
7. Netherland Antilles is hoping to sign an agreement with the International Monetary Fund at the end of the month. Geraldine Cockland reports from The Hauge (13:08-15:29)